Our history

It all started in Paris, with a love story between a creative mom and a traveling dad.
Their daughter's name was given to the creation of their women's ready-to-wear brand, mainly specialized in jeans, Cindy.H.


First steps ...

Cindy.H started the adventure in 2011 with her family, where parents, children, but also a beautiful daughter, all fashion enthusiasts work together to make pants.
The comfort of the garment is their asset, as are the elegance and the trend.
It is essential that it is always comfortable to wear.


Why the jeans?

Fabric that the family business particularly likes for its simplicity and its timelessness, it is suitable for all occasions in a woman's life, going out with friends in the evening, an afternoon shopping or even days at work.


Every woman must be able to find the pants of her dreams. The perfect combination of comfortable jeans at the cutting edge of fashion lies in our know-how. It's the search for that balance that the brand's daughter-in-law and designer Jessica works every day so that every woman can feel good in her pants.

Cindy.H, beyond jeans, also offers other materials always in the era of time, imitation leather, velvet and many others.Whatever the morphology of the customers, the Parisian company takes care that they find the ideal jeans. it is this quest that the whole team leads every day in its workshops.