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The skinny [ˈskɪn.i] nm

The skinny cut comes from the English "skin" which means skin. This cup  refers to very tight-fitting pants, which will be as close as possible to the skin.
After a long demise, this cut was revived with western movies, country bands and rock n roll stars wearing tapered pants. Disappeared in the 60s in favor of flare pants, they made a comeback in our wardrobes in the early 2000s.

The cigarette [ sɪɡəˈret ] nm

The cigarette cut is a timeless cut. As her name suggests, she is straight as a cigarette and  adjusted at the ankle. Its specificity is that this cut does not touch the shoe. 

The chinos [ˈʧino] nm

The chino cut also known as “city pants” is straight canvas pants, fitted at the ankles with a mid-rise waist. 

Originally, chinos were military trousers in cotton canvas with a straight cut reaching the ankles, very comfortable. It is initially a male trouser. Over time, this cut has been available for women, evolving with the trends.

The bootcut [ˈbuːtcʌt] nm

Literally, the "boot cut" in English, this cut allows you to wear imposing shoes like boots without being embarrassed, hence its name. 

This slightly flared cut from the knee and fitted at the waist and thighs was all the rage in the 2000s .

The flare [fleəɼ] nm

Literally “burst” in English, this cut refers to flared pants from the knee.

This cut takes root in the 60s during the hippy movement where many rock stars made it their fashion touch.

The slouch [slaʊ tʃi] nm

Literally “loose” in English, or rather structureless and formless. 

Despite its unflattering description, this cut, directly inspired by the 80s, is talked about for its comfort. With its high waist, its wide cut at the level of the buttocks and the hips which tightens at the level of the ankles, it will conquer the most reluctant.

The momfit [ˈmɑmˈfɪt] nm

Literally the momfit means "mom cut" in English, the pants that you steal from your mom. This cut refers to the pants women wore in the 80s/90s. Mom jeans are high waisted, with wide and straight hips, even tapered on the leg. 

This cut is the star cut of all the fashion muses of magazines and TV at the end of the 20th century.

The straight [streyt] nm

Literally “straight” in English, this cut refers to pants that follow the leg without molding it.

This classic cut goes through the ages and conquers the hearts of both old and young.

The Wide [wahid] nm

Literally “wide” in English, this cut refers to pants that flare from the hips to the ankles.

This very modern cut can be worn both day and night and is suitable for all body types.

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