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Wide jeans you know? We are delighted at Oraije to tell you about it today because it is one of our favorites. It's renowned for fitting most body shapes and if you're getting to know us, you'll know how important inclusive fashion is to us. We decipher together why you need one in your wardrobe.

Find the Warren and Windy models

On social networks, there are countless high waists with wide legs, right? This famous shape is called the “Wide” shape. Often high-waisted, these jeans can be worn day or night, depending on how you accessorize them.
It comes in many colors and is suitable for both the summer season (we love it in ecru and white tones) and winter (long live the darker shades including chocolate colours) . From a silhouette point of view, wide jeans make it possible to lengthen the silhouette when they are high waisted. If you don't really like the shape of your legs, its ample shape can hide small flaws that you don't want to show. In short, a flattering shape for everyone!

Above the beauties @instaxelle and @luteceetmoi who are both wearing our Victorine jeans with the buttons on the front that we love so much. These two looks are perfect for winter: on the one hand a more street silhouette with @instaxelle who perfectly twists her jeans and her boots with a lamé padded jacket, on the other @luteceeetmoi who has made a very vintage silhouette in the brown shades twisted by his cowboy boots.

Here the Barbara and Wandeline pants .

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