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Our history

Oraije jeans are the promise of comfort and self-confidence.
Whoever you are, whatever you do in the day, our jeans should fit you, not the other way around.
As a collection director, my mission is to ensure that Oraije women are fully satisfied.
And for that, I must constantly push back my limits and those of my creations.

Oraije on a daily basis

A tea on the terrace, a suspended moment, and here I am indulging in my favorite pastime: observing you.
Observing the women for whom my creations are designed; mothers, young girls, businesswomen.
Each silhouette is a source of inspiration and each woman is a standard of beauty.
Each morphology is a reason to reinvent the codes to better adapt to the daily lives of Oraije women.

Follow the thread of an idea

An idea; it is immediately a sketch, a chapter and a new story.

It can be a very small detail, a button, a pocket, an embroidery, a hem.
So many little additions that make our jeans even more comfortable, elegant and adapted to your morphology.

This sketch then becomes a technical drawing, then a choice of fabric, stitching, finishes that make our jeans more daring.

To get jeans that fit all women, I always have to go the extra mile. Go ahead of trends, take pleasure in working with new materials, new textures.

Most designers choose a fabric. Personally, I choose the threads that will make up the fabric.
I arrive at the workshop with about twenty different fabrics and, from each, I extract a yarn that will be part of the range of weaving that interests me.

Born in a roll of fabric

This passion for fabric, for threads that intertwine, for materials that are shaped into clothes, I hold it from my childhood spent in a sewing workshop in Milan. A cutter father, a mother who works with model makers.

Styling is a family passion that I nurture today alongside Sandrine, my husband's mother. It was she who transmitted to me this desire for perfection, this need to continue to learn. 17 years ago, she created Cindy H. She was one of the first to market slim jeans in the eleventh arrondissement of Paris.

Anxious to preserve this balance between timelessness and modernity, Sandrine passes the torch to me in 2018. A trust that honors me and pushes me to pursue this vision of excellence.

Would I?

Symbol of a revival, Cindy H. becomes Oraije. Because when creating jeans, I always put myself in the shoes of my future client:

Would I trust myself in these jeans? Would I have the opportunity to wear it in all circumstances? Would I fall in love with a material, a shape? Would I have the audacity to become an Oraije woman, fulfilled and confident?

To all these questions, I answer a big, huge YES. Because Oraije is not just a brand. It's a legacy, it's a vision for the future, it's an all-consuming passion for you, the Oraije women.



Qualité produit ! coupe parfaite met en valeur les courbes ! confort et prix parfait !! je les veux tous


Une belle découverte pour moi! Beau, confirtable et abordable! Je deviens accro 😃


Cela devient vraiment mon jean préféré !!
ENFIN …Je fais 1m50 et les coupes petites sont juste CANON !

Isabelle P

Très jolie marque découvre aujourd’hui dans une boutique indépendante de province. Repartie avec une jolie récolte d’un jean Solange pour moi et un Emma pour la fille de 17 ans. Hâte de le porter en toutes circonstances !

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