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In a context of ecological crisis, it becomes essential to review our consumption patterns. Responsible for 17 to 20% of water pollution in the world, the textile industry is strongly criticized. However, changing habits overnight seems tedious. How to be more respectful of the environment while wearing clothes in which you feel good? How to stay stylish without consuming too much? 

In recent years, the concept of capsule wardrobe has become more democratic. The principle is simple: from about twenty pieces, build as many outfits as possible by mixing them. 

We know, in a world where we are constantly pushed to consume, it can seem complicated, even boring. However, the capsule wardrobe has many advantages. No more unnecessary expenses for pieces that will end up forgotten in a dark corner of your dressing room, no more stress of having to choose between a thousand clothes!

But then, how do we do it? 

First, analyze the pieces of your wardrobe that you wear the most, taking into account your lifestyle. What do you wear to work? Do you go out a lot? In general, how would you define your style? Your capsule wardrobe should be in tune with your everyday environment. 

Secondly, choose your basics. Currently, most of the wardrobes that we see on social networks are mainly composed of minimalist basics. For us, these are essential parts because they are easy to mix. However, if you never wear a white t-shirt, why include it in your selection? The importance of the capsule wardrobe is to be able to wear the same pieces differently during the month. 

Thirdly, choose key pieces. In our opinion, to avoid the boring side of the capsule wardrobe where the basics are repeated, it is important to include more extravagant pieces. These pieces will probably not be able to be incorporated into every outfit, but they will allow you to highlight your style. 

Finally, give your wardrobe time to build. It is not necessary to limit yourself to 20 pieces, decorate your selection according to your desires and needs. Some trends are good to follow if they match you and are viable. The advantage of the capsule wardrobe is that by limiting the number of pieces purchased, you can invest in better quality clothes that will follow you over the years. 

Our selection (non-exhaustive) 

Solange jeans - stone denim / natural

Blue jeans, an essential in your wardrobe. We have selected the Solange, a straight cut, which can be worn with both sneakers and heels. For the day, like the night, the Solange can be worn for all occasions. We also chose the natural shade, perfect for sunny days.


The Valmon shirt - white / navy blue

In addition to being timeless, the white shirt can be worn with everything (really everything). For the office or at the bar, the Valmon shirt follows you for all occasions. We also selected it in navy blue, for its timeless side. We like to have the choice between a light shade and a dark shade in order to increase the possibilities of outfit.

Willy pants - black 

With its wide cut, the Willy embellishes your silhouette in all situations. Comfortable yet stylish, these pants will never disappoint. No matter how it is worn, the Willy will give you a chic and relaxed look. 


The Pauline jacket - black

The faux leather jacket is a go-to item in my wardrobe. It can be worn in autumn as in spring. Timeless, this jacket accompanies you throughout the year (and years to come).


The Chéri shirt - raw (but here, in a jacket)

If you don't know what to wear, the denim jacket will never disappoint you. Simple and effective, this piece goes with all your outfits.  

Gaspard jeans (or Gasparette , for the little ones) - raw 

If you hesitate between a chic or casual look, the Gaspard is the perfect compromise. With their worked cut, these jeans will give you a touch of French elegance. 


The Tycia t-shirt - white

With its boat neck, the Tycia can be worn on one or two shoulders. A not-so-basic basic, this 100% cotton t-shirt will match your entire wardrobe.

Brenda shorts - black

With or without tights, the Brenda can be worn in all seasons. Its straight cut and fluid canvas allow you to stay comfortable in any situation. 

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