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Today, light on flare jeans. Does that remind you of something ?
We at Oraije have been die-hard fans of this shape for years.
We come back with you to the story of this iconic model that we wear night and day.

The first flare jeans appeared in the late 60s, especially during the hippie movement where many rock stars wore them on a daily basis.

Initially masculine, flare jeans soon found their way into women's wardrobes.
It can be printed as well as plain, and, unlike bell bottoms, it is a bit wider ('wide' editor's note) and flatters the figure even more. Janis Joplin, Mick Jagger and many others have made it their
fashion touch .

At Oraije, we love seeing you wear our favorite flares.

Here the EMELYNE model was chosen by Sissi (@sissialaffrancaise) and Jeanne (@jeanne_andreaa).
It comes in two different colorways, denim stone (as in the photos above) and raw denim (a darker shade).
We added buttons to the front of these jeans to give them a more vintage touch.

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